An article (6/22/06) in the LA Times-‘EndTimes’ Religious Groups Want Apocalypse Soon, by Louis Sahagun-claims that there are a number of Christian groups, Jewish folk, and Muslims seeking to bring about the Apocalypse.  It is an interesting article, however, the major problem with it is the ‘moral equivalence’ given to the various groups presented.  Also, there is a prevailing subtext that all the groups named are actually seeking the Apocalypse itself, and this is simply not true. It is another example where the MSM unfairly represents people of faith in a negative light. 

The Jewish groups presented, are merely trying to prepare for the coming of the Messiah.  Some are preparing to rebuild the Temple, making priestly robes, golden Temple vessels, and new corner stones.  Even some Christian ranchers are trying to help out by raising ‘red heifers’ (cattle) used in purification rituals.  These folk are not looking for ‘The Apocalypse’, they are seeking the good ‘Messianic’ times promised to the Jews by the OT prophets.

The Christian groups in the article, are trying to fulfill ‘The Great Commission’, hoping to take the gospel to every nation and bring about the Second Coming of Jesus.  None of these Christians are seeking ’The Apocalypse’.  They are actually trying to save as many people as possible from facing those end-time events.  To infer that Christians involved in trying to save  a ‘Billion Souls’ are actually pursuing “an ultimately bloody hope, a slaughterhouse hope,…” as a UCLA professor seems to imply, is more than outrageous.

The Muslim example given in the article, is that of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran.  Here the ‘Apocalyptic’ designation is more than appropriate.  The author correctly mentions that Pres. Mahmoud talked about the coming of the ‘Mahdi’ in an address before the United Nations last year.  He said that soon the 12th Mahdi would reappear and conquer the World, and force everyone to convert to Islam.  However, the article did not mention that Mahmoud recently commented that Israel needed to be utterly destroyed and the Jews forced to leave; and that soon, Iran would have the nuclear capability to fulfill that goal.  Now that’s what I call ‘really’ seeking the Apocalypse!  Goodbye ‘moral equivalence’. 

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