Bible says. From Christian Headlines:

Now, archaeologists digging in modern-day Jerusalem say they have uncovered “clear” archaeological evidence affirming the account as described in 2 Kings 25.

Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte uncovered Babylonian-style arrowheads and layers of ash alongside lamps, potsherds and gold and silver jewelry they believe is either a tassel or earring.

The discovery is “clear evidence of the Babylonian conquest of the city” dating to 587/586 BC, according to a UNC Charlotte press release. Significantly, the pottery and lamps were found side-by-side with evidence of the Babylonian siege “represented by burnt wood and ashes,” the press release said.

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Response: It is a significant discovery since the historicity of the Bible record is generally discounted by modern scholars unless clear archeological evidence supports the account.

Moreover, Muslims contend that Jerusalem was never in Jewish hands nor was a Jewish Temple ever on the site of the present Dome of the Rock mosque regardless of all of the independent historical accounts that support Jewish and Biblical contentions.

It is remarkable that since Muslim leaders have put forth their erroneous alternate anti-Semitic historical arguments that nearly every year new archaeological evidence has been found to support the Biblical record of Jewish occupation of Jerusalem and Israel for hundreds of years. The discovery of the ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ among the first and most dramatic finds beginning in 1946. Even before the founding of the modern Jewish state of Israel in 1948.              

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