Here’s an insightful article on Sola Scriptura by NT scholar Ben Witherington:

“Sola Scriptura—- What Does it Really Mean?”

Witherington points out that ‘sola scriptura’ wasn’t really possible until the 4th or 5th century:

This of course raises the question of what ‘sola Scriptura’ could profitably mean in view of the actual early history of the Scriptures and Christological doctrines and orthodoxy.  Here the answer must be that the Scriptures, including the 27 books of the NT came to be seen as the final authority, or final litmus test of all sacred traditions.

In modern times some have expanded the understanding of sola scriptura way beyond even what the reformers proposed. Dr. Witherington here tries to make sense of the teaching in light of early Christian history and doctrinal development.

Read the article and tell me what you think.           

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