The media in America continues to tell us that an ‘unfavorable view’ of Islam in America; particularly prejudice and ‘Islamophobia’ is caused and generated by ignorance of the religion.

In my experience, ignorance is not necessarily the cause of an unfavorable view of Islam. Also, greater knowledge doesn’t necessarily bring with it a better view. Actually it could result in an even worse opinion.

I will say this—when all I knew was only a little bit about Islam my view of the religion was far more positive. As I have read the Quran and studied more about the core beliefs of the faith, my opinion of Islam has decreased considerably. Particularly when I look at the countries where Islam is the dominant religion and where sharia law rules.

We are told that the radical Islamists represent only a tiny percentage of Muslims around the world and that may be true. But even if the radicals only represent 10% that is over 100 million folks or 5% would be over 50 million and 1% equals 10 million or so. Still a lot of people.

It is true that most Muslims in America are peaceful and only want the best for America. I have come across many fine folks that are Muslim and a few others that are not so much—just like any other group in America.

However, when you look at what is happening in Muslim countries:

-The way woman are treated, with lessor rights under the law,

-The discrimination and outright persecution of Christians and other religions,

-The honor killings, the beheadings, the floggings, the amputations for theft,

-The hangings and crucifixions, the over-the-top religious police and major punishment for minor offences,

-The punishment of women who are rape victims,

-The forced conversions, or extra Taxation of those in other religions

-Continuing support for slavery and domestic servitude, and etc.—

A week doesn’t go by when you can’t find most of the above taking place somewhere in the Muslim world and most of it supported or perpetrated by Muslim authorities and clergy.

No, an ‘unfavorable view of Islam’ can also be the result of knowing too much.  

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