Here’s the story about a case that was before Egyptian courts in 2008. It was to determine if a man could legally divorce his wife using only a text message via his cell phone. Apparently the case was successful in establishing divorce by text message with the following message:

“I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you”

This declaration is normally all it takes for a man to legally divorce his wife according to Islamic law as recognized in many Muslim dominated countries. However, usually it is declared in person and some countries require witnesses. Apparently, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar have already approved text message divorce and now Egypt. Saudi Arabia also adopted the ‘text message’ divorce in 2019.

Response: Divorce is already far too simple for men in Islamic countries. But divorce by ‘text message’ borders on the ridiculous. I originally thought that this had to be some kind of joke. However, after checking it out it is on the up and up. Unbelievable!

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