Are beheadings and ‘honor killings’ related to Islam or just plain old domestic violence?

There are all sorts of folks that have come out of the woodwork since the ‘beheading in Buffalo’ apologizing for Islam and contending that it is just a form of ‘cultural’ domestic violence and not related to the Muslim religion at all. Here’s an article by Phyllis Chesler exploring those claims and putting the blame squarely where it belongs: 

“What’s Behind The Enormous Denial That Beheadings Are Related To Islam?”

Response: ‘honor killings’ are domestic violence but it is also a fact that they are related to Islam. Can anyone remember anyone being beheaded before 9-11-01? Well maybe.

Here is the money quote from the article: 

“beheading is rampant in the Islamic world; that it is accepted as a practice by moderate as well as radical Muslims;…”

Such beheadings also directly appeal to the Quran for the right and authority to carry out this type of ritualistic killings. Also it should be noted that in Muslim dominated countries, the male perpetrators are rarely punished.   

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