by Robert L.Millet and Gerald R. McDermott (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Pub.-Brazos Press, 2007, 238 pages)

clip_image002A continuation of the Evangelical/Mormon dialogue started with the book “How Wide The Divide” by Craig Blomberg and Stephen Robinson and continued in “Bridging The Divide” by Robert L Millet and Gregory C.V. Johnson.

Dr. Robert L. Millet is professor of religious education at BYU and Dr. Gerald R. McDemott is professor of religion and philosophy at Roanoke College and teaching pastor at St/ John Lutheran Church.

This book is a detailed and well documented theological discussion of the major issues which have traditionally divided LDS from Evangelical Christians.

Particular attention is paid to the theology of God, Jesus, and the Trinity. Also to Salvation, eternal destiny and the role of the church.

Each subject is introduced by one author followed by a response from the other then with a rebuttal and some concluding thoughts by the first. This format allows for in-depth discussion of issues that could not be addressed in “How Wide..” or in “Bridging…”. It is a gold mine of references and details that theologians will find useful.

Once more, traditional ‘apologists’ will find the book to be controversial and far too positive and friendly. However, scholars on both sides of the divide will use the book as a reference and as a jumping off point for continuing and honing the ongoing discussion.

Unlike the two previous dialogue books, this one is not as accessible for a popular audience but requires some understanding of Christian history, theology, and philosophy.

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