Miracles and Spiritual Gifts According to Islam:

There are no spiritual gifts in Islam. All signs and miracles are done directly by Allah: “Signs are only with Allah” -Sura 6:109-110. No man can perform healing or miracles. The only miracle that Muhammad did was to deliver the Koran–The Koran is the greatest miracle of all in Islam.

They believe that Jesus may have been involved in doing some healing and miracles but that Allah was the real source and the NT exaggerated the truth. There is a prevailing doubt that the Apostles or followers of Jesus were able to do likewise. All of the miracles of the prophets before Muhammad are somewhat questioned because they view the Biblical record as being distorted.            

According to Maulana Muhammad ‘Ali (an Islamic scholar) in his work on The Religion of Islam (pg 181-188), the greatest miracle of Muhammad and within Islam is the Koran. He says that the Koran is the ’standing miracle’ of Muhammad demonstrated by the Arab people combining together and rising up and transforming individuals, families, society, and whole nations in one generation. The Koran being the one and greatest miracle of Islam.

Angels and Jinn seem to be a major source of mystery in Islam. The angels are intermediaries who help Allah and bring revelation to men. The Jinn in Islam are created spirit beings who test and lead humanity astray. Many in Islam believe that the Jinn are the source of healing and miracles in Christianity. While most Islamic scholars deny that the Jinn have any such power.

Miracles and Spiritual Gifts In Christianity:

The four Gospels record that incredible healing and miracles were a major part of the ministry of Jesus Christ; and the Apostles and disciples of Jesus participated in that ministry. After Jesus left, they received the Holy Spirit on Pentecost and greater spiritual power and authority. The book of Acts is full of healing, miracles, prophecy, and even resurrections from the dead.

Miracles and healing have continued in Christianity.  Particularly in the 20th century with the coming of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements.


For hundreds of years missionaries have been frustrated in preaching and reaching Muslims.  However, I believe that the lack of miracles in Islam and the continued demonstration of healing and signs in Christianity (particularly among Pentecostals and Charismatics) actually creates an opportunity to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslims.

There is presently a report of a major break through in Africa with 6 million Muslims or so now coming to Christ per year. What is the difference? Power encounters, healing, miracles, signs and wonders.

Millions are coming to Christ through the demonstration of greater spiritual power and authority. Even many cases where Jesus himself reportedly showed up in dreams and visions to convert Muslims to Christianity.


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