This is an introduction to a series of articles on comparing and contrasting the beliefs and teaching of the two largest world religions: Islam and Christianity.

Until 9/11/01, most Americans knew very little about Islam and what Muslims actually practiced and believed. Some of us had Muslim neighbors who were just as likable and peaceful as everyone us on our block and their children went to school with ours. Nevertheless, Islam really didn’t touch our lives in any meaningful way before 2001. It was just another religion among many in America.

Then came the thousands killed on 9/11 and the subsequent acts of terror in America and in Western countries and around the world that exposed us to the very worst of some of their beliefs; supposedly perpetrated in the name of their god Allah and in response to the teachings of the prophet Muhammad and the Quran.

Since then we have been told that Islam is really a ‘religion of peace’ and that the actions of the Muslim radicals and terrorists do not represent the ‘real’ Muslim religion. Not only that, but if we continue to be critical of Islam because of the terrorism then we are actually guilty of defamation, blasphemy, and for promoting the ‘evil’ of Islamophobia.

Nevertheless, it is estimated that nearly 10% of the billion Muslims (100 million) appear to be radicalized supporters of jihad against unbelievers and polls have consistently shown that a majority of Muslims are sympathetic to many of the actions of radical Muslims even though we are told that Islam is suppose to be a peaceful religion.

In the midst of it all we have written a number of articles comparing and contrasting the major beliefs of Christianity and Islam and linked and commented on some others. We believe in light of what is happening around the world that it is increasingly important for Christians to know more about the actual teachings of Islam as compared to their own beliefs. The following are links to those articles:

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-Comparing Islam and Christianity #5: Miracles and Spiritual Gifts
-Comparing Islam and Christianity #6: The Divinity of Jesus
-Comparing Islam and Christianity #7: The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus
-Two Claiming to be Jesus?: Isa of Islam Vs. The Son of God of Christianity

Articles written by others:

-The Essential Difference Between Christianity and Islam?
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