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According to Muslim tradition, the Koran should always be placed upon the top shelf over all other common books.

This is causing some controversy in the UK where Muslims are demanding that libraries follow that tradition. Some librarians have resolved the issue by placing all religious book on the top shelf. However, many Christians have complained that the ‘special’ arrangement has put the Bible literally out of reach for many.

Response: The Reformation and even wars have been fought over making the Bible accessible to everyone.

No matter what, someone is going to be unhappy when you try to accommodate one particular religion. The Muslims demand that their traditions be honored in a country that still recognizes Christianity as its state religion? It really is a little much. I wonder if libraries in the USA are beginning to face these demands and how they are responding?

The Muslim religion does not seem to want to cooperate with anyone else. Why should their traditions be singled out and honored, particularly in secular Western nations that have turned their back on their Christian heritage and many of their own traditions in the last generation?           

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