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Here’s a new Christian website dedicated to answering questions raised by Dr. Bart Ehrman:

Ehrman Project 

Dr. Ehrman is a noted New Testament textual scholar.  His accomplishments are extensive, and he comes to the table with incredible academic abilities, skills, and extensive knowledge. Which is why the questions he raises against the Biblical reliability and early Christianity need to be answered by equally capable scholars. Which are found on this website.

Here’s the website introduction:

Welcome to the Ehrman Project.
Dr. Bart Ehrman is raising significant questions about the reliability of the Bible. In an engaging way, he is questioning the credibility of Christianity. His arguments are not new, which he readily admits. Numerous Biblical scholars profoundly disagree with his findings. This site provides responses to Dr. Ehrman’s provocative conclusions.

A number of able Christian scholars have already contributed videos including:

-Dr. Alvin Plantinga

-Dr. D.A. Carson

-Dr. Ed Gravely

-Dr. Ben Witherington

-Dr. Darrell Bock

-Dr. Michael Kruger

Already a worthwhile destination with valuable resources.

Response: This is an important and excellent site, especially for pastors and ministers.

This website provides the answers by top Christian scholars to the questions raised by Dr. Ehrman in his popular books..

Over the last 10 years or so I have spent more hours than I can count with disturbed Christians answering the many questions raised by Dr. Bart Ehrman in his popular books. Usually about early Christianity and the reliability of the Bible. This site will be very helpful for answering and referring folks to.

Here’s my own extensive review with some answers given to questions raised in Ehrman’s book “Misquoting Jesus”:

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