Here’s a fine article from Religion & Ethics about the last Shaker community and the three remaining members. A movement that once had over 6,000 members in 23 communities in 19th century America.

The article contains an interview of two of the remaining three elders living at Sabbathday Lake, in central Maine, the last Shaker community:

Brother Arnold Hadd, 53, who came there when he was 20. Sister June Carpenter is 72 who was too shy for an interview but had been there for 21 years. And Sister Frances Carr 83 who came to the village when she was 10.

Interestingly enough, quite a few folks show up for worship at the village on Sundays and they are called “Friends of the Shakers” but do not participate in the rigorous daily activities that are required of full members of the community.

*Note: Be sure to view the excellent video- very interesting and well done indeed.

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