So much of the Western world and particularly the elite media completely miss the religious motivating factors which cause young Muslims to end their lives blowing themselves and others up in one moment of desperate glory. Then the cameras turn to the ‘martyrs’ grieving family and catch them celebrating instead. A total disconnect from Western culture and understanding.

Usually the Western media cites poverty and a life of desperation with no hope for the future as the major contributing factors behind the suicide bombing phenomenon. For so many in the MSM the religious connection makes no sense at all. I have heard some jokingly refer to the 72 virgins that the Muslim martyrs believed they would be receiving in the after-life and comment that they would personally prefer to have 72 woman with lots of experience.

But what about the Muslim women that are now increasingly involved also in martyrdom, what is their motivation? 72 virgins do not await the faithful Muslim woman who chooses martyrdom.

Raymond Ibrahim documents (Article NLA) that a major motivation for Martyrdom is the Muslim teaching about the ‘torments of the grave’. Through Martyrdom, the Jihadi is expected to go directly into Paradise and escape the ‘torments of the grave’ and the possibility of missing out entirely and ending up facing torture for all eternity.

While Christian believers generally feel rather secure in their eternal salvation, that is not the case with Muslims. Allah is known to be rather arbitrary at times in his judgment and no Muslim is secure facing death unless they are involved in Jihad and martyrdom–then their ticket is punched for a blessed after-life.

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