There are some obvious differences between the Bible and the Quran. Some of those major contrasts revolve around the teaching contained in the two and others around references to characters and history.

One glaring difference is that the Quran is one book written by one man in one lifetime while the Bible spans thousands of years and is actually comprised of 66 separate books written by as many as 40 different authors.

Here’s a very good recent article I ran across that lists 6 major differences and contrasts between the two sacred books representing the two largest world religions:

Six Startling Contrasts Between the Bible and the Quran” by Jeff Sanders, PJ Media

Content Headings:

1. Conversion Stories

2. God’s Compassion

3. God’s Grace

4. Descriptions of Heaven

5. Views of Women

6. Teaching of History

<Read what is under all six and the whole article>

Response:The different views about the status of women is common knowledge and displayed daily in the cultural treatment of women in major Muslim dominated countries today. Heaven or Paradise according to Muhammad and the Quran seems to be oriented towards satisfying male physical desires more than anything else.

The real eye opener in the article is in the section on history. Major historical errors and anachronisms along with outright ignorance are openly on display in the Quran. Here’s a few of the more shocking mistakes listed in the article:

Moses is called an “apostle” in Surah 43:47. “Apostle” is a Greek word, popularized long after the time of Moses (c. 1446 B.C. …

Several times Muhammad says that Haman was a co-conspirator with Pharaoh to thwart Moses (Surah 40:25; 28:6,8,38; 29:39). … In the Bible Haman was a minor ruler under the Persian King Xerxes (Ahasuerus) in the fifth century before Christ. That would be 1000 years after the time of Moses! …

In Surah 19:27, Muhammad got Mary the mother of Jesus and Miriam the sister of Moses and Aaron confused. Here he calls the mother of Jesus “the sister of Aaron.” The problem is that the two ladies are actually separated by over 1000 years of history.

And the prophet of Islam also states that Pharaoh threatened to “crucify” Moses (Surah 7:123). Joseph warns his fellow prisoners that Pharaoh will “crucify” them (12:41). Again, these are anachronisms. Crucifixion never existed in Egypt in the time of Joseph or Moses. It was created by the Romans around 200 B.C.

The entire article is excellent and well worth reading if you really want to know some of the major contrasts between the Bible and the Quran along with some of the differences between Christianity and Islam.    

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