Edited by: Rodolphe Kasser, Marvin Meyer, Gregor Wurst, with Bart D. Ehrman (National Geographic: Washington DC, 2006, 185 pgs)

The book contains an introduction to the ‘Gospel’, with a translation and commentary.  First, a chapter on the incredible story of the discovery of the Codex and intrigue which kept the text from public view for 28 years.  Then there are chapters on the 2nd century comments on the ‘Gospel of Judas’ made by Irenaeus, the Gnostic connection and identity of the work, and a chapter by Ehrman placing it in its early Christian historical context.

This book is the first on the ‘Gospel of Judas’ and an important work for all those interested in early Christianity, Gnosticism, and New Testament study.  There were some sensational claims made in newspaper articles and news shows about how this ‘gospel’ would affect our understanding of the Jesus and Judas, the New Testament, and Christianity in general.  The facts contained in this book, place the ‘Gospel of Judas’ in its 2nd and 3rd century historical context and shows that the work really does not affect our understanding of 1st century events and people portrayed in the New Testament gospels.

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