As noted in a previous post; the LDS Church officially states that they believe in the Bible as far as it is translated correctly.

So it is surprising that they continue to recognize the King James Version as their official Bible. Scholars have made use of thousands of manuscripts that were not available in 1611 when the KJV was made in the production of more accurate modern English translations.

So when two young Elders from the LDS knock on your door, they will use a KJV for all of their ‘poof’ texts. Interestingly, the Bible they use will be printed by their church with extensive notations to support their church doctrines and practices. Also, in the recent Mormon KJV are footnotes with the ‘changes’ their first prophet Joseph Smith Jr. believed should be made to the Bible.

Joseph Smith, their first leader, spent years on a ‘New Translation’ of the Bible. He used his family KJV and went through it making changes and adding verses and words that he believed that he was inspired to make.

In the ‘Inspired Version’ manuscript, he added over 400 verses to the Bible, whole chapters in Genesis with extensive changes to Matthew, Mark and Luke. Along with minor changes to many other books in the Bible including Exodus and the Book of Revelation. If the book needed no changes he noted it.

When he came to the Song of Solomon he noted that it was not inspired and should be taken out of the Bible. Later, he went through his Bible and produced a manuscript with the intention of printing a new Bible version.

It was never printed in his lifetime and the LDS Church has not published it yet, except to print footnotes with the alternate readings in their KJV Bibles.

After the death of Joseph Smith, his family kept the Bible manuscripts and his son Joseph Smith III became leader of the Reorganized LDS Church and published the ‘Inspired Version’ manuscript in 1868. It became the official Bible of that group.

The RLDS Church is the second largest LDS group with appox. 250,000 members in 40+ countries. They do not like to be called ‘Mormons’ since their theology is considerably different from the main group in Utah. They recently changed their name to Community of Christ to keep from getting mixed up with the larger Mormon Church.     

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