-The Earliest Historical References to Jesus and Christianity
-Jewish Objections to the Genealogy of Jesus Answered
-“Jesus Never Said He Was God?”–a Biblical Response
-Jesus: Who Do You Say He Is?
-How Jesus ‘of Nazareth’ Fulfills ‘The Branch’ Prophecies
-The Earliest Writings About Jesus?
-Did Jesus Teach Against Homosexuality?
-The Gospels Vs. The Quest for The Historical Jesus
-Archaeological Support for Divinity of Jesus
-Scholars Meet to View The Supposed ‘Jesus Tomb’ Evidence
-Scholars Now Believe the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” is a Modern Fake

On the Death and Resurrection:

-Who Really Killed Jesus?
-Jesus: “Today You Will Be With Me In Paradise”
-Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?
-I Know That My Redeemer Lives

Articles by Others:

-Was Jesus a Real Person? Historical Evidence Beyond the Bible
-The Gospel of Thomas and the Historical Jesus?
-Dialogue on the ‘Historical’ Jesus
-Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?


-Fraud: “The Lost Tomb of Christ”
-“Jesus, The Final Days”
-“Misquoting Jesus”: An Evaluation And Review
-The Da Vinci Code: Top Ten False Claims Made In The Book

Islam and Jesus:

-Comparing Islam and Christianity #6: The Divinity of Jesus
-Comparing: Islam and Christianity #3 -The Virgin Birth of Jesus
-Comparing Islam and Christianity #7: The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus
-Two Claiming to be Jesus?: Isa of Islam Vs. The Son of God of Christianity

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