This is the 4th post evaluating the list of 21 questions submitted to the LDS and the answers received back from the church. In this article, we’ll look at the rest- Questions 8-21:


Q 8 : Does the Mormon Church believe Jesus appeared in North America after his crucifixion and resurrection?

A: The appearance of Jesus in the Western Hemisphere shortly after his resurrection is described in the Book of Mormon. Mormons believe that when Christ told his disciples in the Bible He had other ‘sheep’ who should receive his message he was referring to those people in the Western Hemisphere.

Q 9: If so, when did this happen? And under what circumstances?

A: The appearance of Jesus in the Western Hemisphere shortly after his resurrection is described in the Book of Mormon. Mormons believe that when Christ told his disciples in the Bible He had other ‘sheep’ who should receive his message he was referring to those people in the Western Hemisphere.

Response: The appearance of Jesus in America is supposedly recorded in 3 Nephi in their Book of Mormon. The teachings of Jesus there are substantially the same and duplications of what he taught in the 4 Gospels in the New Testament of The Bible.

The following are questions (10,11,12,14) about Mormon beliefs in the life hereafter:

Q 10: Does the Mormon Church believe its followers can become “gods and goddesses” after death?

A: We believe that the apostle Peter’s biblical reference to partaking of the divine nature and the apostle Paul’s reference to being ‘joint heirs with Christ’ reflect the intent that children of God should strive to emulate their Heavenly Father in every way. Throughout the eternities, Mormons believe, they will reverence and worship God the Father and Jesus Christ. The goal is not to equal them or to achieve parity with them but to imitate and someday acquire their perfect goodness, love and other divine attributes.

Q 11: Does the Mormon Church believe that women can only gain access to heaven with a special pass or codewords?

A: No.

Q 12: Does the Mormon Church believe that women must serve men on both Earth and in heaven?

A: Absolutely not. Mormons believe that women and men are complete equals before God and in relation to the blessings available in the Church.

Q 14: Does the Mormon Church believe in the existence of another physical planet or planets, where Mormons will “rule” after their death and ascension?

A: No.

Response: The answers are somewhat disingenuous. The greatest disparity between the Mormon Church and most Christian Churches revolve around the beliefs in God and eternal existence.

The Mormon Church teaches that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are 3 separate Gods united in purpose while All orthodox Christian churches teach that the Trinity is One God in 3 persons.

The Mormons believe that there will be many places in the hereafter, including the Celestial Kingdom (Sun) for faithful Mormons to live with Father God, Terrestrial Kingdom (Moon) for other Christian believers to live with Christ, Telestial Kingdom for others which number as many as the stars, to live with the Holy Spirit, and also Kingdoms with ‘no’ glory for the more evil folks. Most Christian believe that there will be a Heaven for believers who have dedicated their lives to Jesus and a Hell for those who do not believe.

Some Mormon leaders in the past have stated a belief that: “As man is, God once was, as God is, man may become.” There is an expectation among Mormons that they will become like God eventually in the afterlife. Some have speculated that they might eventually create their own worlds. Though regardless, they would continue to honor God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Question 13 is about the under clothes that faithful Mormons who serve in the temple are required to wear:

Q 13: Is there such a thing as Mormon “underwear”? if so, are all Mormons required to wear it? What does it symbolize?

A: Like members of many religious faiths, Latter-day Saints wear religious clothing. But members of other faiths — typically those involved in permanent pastoral ministries or religious services — usually wear religious garments as outer ceremonial vestments or symbols of recognition. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, garments are worn beneath street clothing as a personal and private reminder of commitments to God.

Garments are considered sacred by Church members and are not regarded as a topic for casual conversation.

Response: This question is calculated to embarrass and make Mormons seem strange. Really inconsequential. A better question would have been to ask about the different temple rites and services inside the temples themselves.

Q 15: What specifically does the Mormon Church say about African-Americans and Native Americans?

A: Mormons believe that all mankind are sons and daughters of God and should be loved and respected as such. The blessings of the gospel are available to all.

Response: A disingenuous answer. Those of the black race were not allowed to hold priesthood offices or go into the temples from the time of Brigham Young until 1978. The Book of Abraham (one of the Mormon scriptures) taught that there was a curse upon the black race. In 1978, a new ‘revelation’ was given that lifted the curse and now African-Americans can fully participate in Mormon offices and temple rituals.  Native Americans have always been able to function fully in the Mormon Church. But according to the Book of Mormon, the skin of ancient Native Americans was turned from white to brown because of unbelief. 

Q 16: What are or were the “Golden Plates”?

A: The Book of Mormon was translated by Joseph Smith from records made on plates of gold, similar to metal plates that have been found in other ancient cultures. It contained a history of peoples in the Western Hemisphere including an appearance by the Savior to them. As such, the Book of Mormon is considered a second testimony of Jesus Christ.

Response: According to the Mormon story, the angel Moroni gave Joseph Smith the golden plates and took them back later after Joseph supposedly supernaturally ‘translated.’ them. He then had the work- The Book of Mormon- published in 1830. It was because of the new scripture book that the Church headed by Joseph Smith gained the nickname: Mormons.

Q 17: Are consumption of alcohol and tobacco prohibited or simply discouraged?

A: It is against the teachings of the Church to use alcohol and tobacco or to drink tea and coffee.

Q 18: Does the Church also ban the consumption of “hot drinks”? And does that apply specifically to caffeinated drinks?

A: It is against the teachings of the Church to use alcohol and tobacco or to drink tea and coffee.

Response: This teaching came as a ‘revelation; from the first prophet Joseph Smith, called: ‘The Word of Wisdom.’ At first it was ‘wisdom’ not to use alcohol and tobacco or to drink hot drinks but became a rule for all faithful Mormons. Some have included caffeinated drinks  (as ‘hot’) in their practice, though not specifically named in the revelation.

Q 19: Why do Mormons go from door to door?

A: Christ admonished his disciples to take the gospel to the world. The Church follows that admonition and sends missionaries throughout the world.

Response: Good answer. Most Evangelical Christian churches do likewise.

Q 20: What do the Mormons believe about the family?

A: Mormons believe that the family is the foundation for this life and the life to come.

Q 21: Can someone who may never marry in life have eternal marriage?

A: God will not withhold blessings from any of his children who may not have the opportunity to marry in this life.

Response: Family is important in most Christian churches. But when it comes to marriage in the hereafter, most Christian churches follow the teaching of Jesus:

“For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.” –Matt. 22:30 ESV

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